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pgb-Polska is the Polish production plant of pgb-Europe. They manufacture high quality nylon, steel and chemical anchors, developed under the brand name “SMART”.

As a manufacturer we are doing the utmost to offer our customers innovative anchoring solutions of supreme quality. Our goal is to supply our partners with the best possible and suitable anchoring products and fixing solutions for their needs. In order to achieve this, we try to do our job better every day. Our team of motivated people is always at your disposal.


As a company we offer you ETA assessments on all our main nylon products such as universal frame anchors, multifunctional wall plugs with screws and hammer nail plugs. Every nylon anchor is produced from high-grade halogen free polyamide PA6. pgb-Polska is continuously investing in obtaining product certifications. The ETA approvals on our through bolts (option 1 and option 7) , drop-in anchors (ETAG001 part 6 and option 7), chemical anchors (option 1, option 7 and TR023) and the ongoing other certifications are proof of our constant focus to offer high-grade products.


Other products such as multifunctional wall plugs, universal plugs, window frame screws, metal cavity anchors, brass anchors and metal expansion bolts are all available in the SMART product range.


Our products are available in different ways of packaging and are distributed under the original SMART brand. Only on customer request we can provide our products as private label and packaging.


In a high competitive market we continuously improve production to reach the highest standards in fasteners and fixing solutions. We are here to support you in your daily business and offer you maximum benefits.



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Customized training and product demonstrations is something we offer our clients. Every session is supported by a number of practical examples and demonstrations, all backed up with marketing communication tools.

Our training will give your commercial employees the necessary information to advise your customers about the pgb- and SMART product range.

In case of more difficult issues, a pgb-specialist can be arranged for an organised visit.

Jobsite testing

The ETA assessed SMART anchors are tested in independent laboratories and ensure consistent quality.

In order to verify the suitability of a particular anchor, for example the use in a certain material, on site assistance is made possible.
We can perform tensile tests for :

  • Light duty anchors : e.g. nylon plugs

  • Medium heavy anchors : e.g. door frame anchors

  • Heavy duty anchors : e.g. metals and chemical anchors

Retail solutions

pgb offers with its tailor-made retail service an accurate proposal of our product range to each of our customers.

We believe that this dialog and customized approach helps to improve the sales for our retailers.

For each target group we provide the best solutions, going from industrial to DIY installations.



Our free of charge ETAG-based Anchor Design Software supports designers and engineers to make calculation reports for anchors that will be used in concrete.

Anchor Design Software

Cartridge Calculation Software




pgb-Europe - Western Europe - logistics centre

Gontrode Heirweg 170
9090 Melle | Belgium

T: +32 (0)9 272 70 70

F: +32 (0)9 272 70 99

pgb-Polska - Eastern Europe - production plant

ul. Fryderyka Wilhelma Redena 3
41-807 Zabrze | Poland

T: +48 (32) 330 26 10

F: +48 (32) 330 26 20