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Drywall Fixings


Plasterboard plug

  • Selfdrilling, no setting tool needed.

  • Self-tapping thread ensures optimal anchorage.

  • Non-conductive plastic material.


Nylon cavity anchor


  • Especially suited for single and double plasterboards.

  • Collar prevents the plug to slip into the hole.

  • Edges on the collar prevent the plug from rotating.




Nylon cavity anchor with various screws





Metal cavity anchor

• Expanding arms ensure a large supporting for a high load-bearing capacity.

• Simple installation with screwdriver or setting tool.

• The screw may be removed at any time without loss of holding power.


Spring toggle with screw

  • The long shaft offers high flexibility in use.

  • Integrated tension spring.

  • Steel springs expand the two legs automatically inside the cavity.


Gravity anchor


• The long shaft offers high flexibility in use.

• Simple and secure installation thanks to the gravity toggle.
• The bearing element will swing open inside the cavity.

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